Hot Logic Adds a New Blogger!

Hello Hot Logic junkies!

As Hot Logic continues to grow and we continue to receive questions for more recipes and ways to use your Hot Logic, we wanted to let you know, we heard you!

We want to introduce you to Dana! She is hijacking our social media in order to give YOU, our loyal customers, more attention because, Hey! We love the Hot Logic and so do you! 

Dana is a former Army cook of 6 years and has gained a following of 45K+ on her Food Ideas Board on Pinterest along with sharing her own love for the Hot Logic. 

She recently launched her own Blog: The Spoon Budget where she shares her own experiences dealing with health issues by eating and living a clean lifestyle on a budget. 

Moving forward, we hope to build our own Pinterest Recipes, give more attention to our Facebook Groups: Hot Logic Mini and Hot Logic Recipes to share more tips and tricks, along with ideas from our loyal followers.

We will be reaching out and asking more from YOU too! Hot Logic has so many uses from Truck Drivers and Commuters, Pilots and Stewards, Body Builders and our Business and Corporate Users.

Hot Logic has so many uses even for simple cooking in the home!

As we continue to grow we hope that Dana will be a great addition to the team and help us share the love for food and uses in the Hot Logic Series!