Not just your food heater!

It's not secret by now that we are always talking about the Hot Logic. Meet someone who is always on the road? Needs a Hot Logic. Wants to eat healthier but doesn't have the time to cook.. Needs a Hot Logic.

Well, it is supposed to be spring but here in Michigan and we still have snow. At this point, the tulips should be budding, the birds singing, and the leaves growing. All those things sound so wonderful so of course we feel bad for anyone who works outside at this time. So why am I writing about this you ask? At a recent appointment with the company DogWatch by K9 Keeper while they installed our indivisible dog fence, I of course asked if they knew about Hot Logic since they were always on the road. I usually get a no but this time I got a yes! The funny thing, he was not heating his food!

Dog Watch Hot Logic

Don't mind Amber, she was tired from the cold and a long day at work but you can see the 9x13 Family Size Hot Logic being used to keep their calking warm! Since installing happens during the cold winter months, their tubes of calking freeze which causes loss of tools and money. DogWatch stated that this is how they keep their calking from freezing. How creative?!?


Do you use your Hot Logic for other purposes? We would love to hear from you!