5 Events to Gift a Hot Logic

If you have truly tried your Hot Logic, by now you know that you have told everyone about it when you get a chance. I even told the guys who installed my Invisible Dog fence that they needed one. How do you not? 

Here are 5 great events to gift a Hot Logic and why:

Bridal Shower

This is a great time to gift a 9x13! Learning to live with someone else, balancing work and now who cooks? Who cleans? Why not make it easier on the new couple? The 9x13 is a game changer to prepping dinner, traveling to a family get together, hosting a party or just plain help to save time when needed.


Do you have a friend with a limited diet or nutrition plan? Do you know someone who is constantly traveling, an over the road driver or a position that limits their ability to eat a warm meal on the go? The Hot Logic pays for itself in one week for anyone who eats out a couple days a week. It may seem like a strange gift at first but once you explain the benefits to them, they will love theirs just as much and share with their own friends and family!

Baby Shower

This may seem like a strange time to gift a Hot Logic but there is no better time! Although I have not given these directly at a baby shower, I have given them to expecting friends. Often times before giving birth, it is custom to meal prep and freeze a bunch of meals. Having a Hot Logic will allow new mothers to throw food in for whenever they are ready to eat, plug it in, set it and forget it until they are ready to eat. Being a new mother dictates time giving care to the baby and the Hot Logic will allow a new mother to eat a hot meal when she is ready.

Any Holiday

At first I started to write Christmas but really, any Holiday is a great time to gift a Hot Logic. If you have not followed Hot Logic on Facebook, DO! Don't miss buy one get one off opportunities or other times to get great deals. One thing Hot Logic loves to do is share ways to save and most of all, give to others!


Let's be honest, you NEVER need a set time to gift a Hot Logic. If you know someone who needs one to fit their health or diet needs, a way to eat a warm meal at work or over travel, even a friend who could use one at home, it is ALWAYS a great time to gift a Hot Logic. 

How many times have you gifted a Hot Logic? Is it your go to gift? Share some of your comments below!




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