9x13 or Mini? Using different sizes

Are you wondering which size Hot Logic you should buy? The 9x13 Casserole size or the Mini? One thing we love about our users is their imaginations and how the think outside the size of their Hot Logic.

Using Multiple Dishes in the 9x13

The 9x13 Casserole size does not mean that every meal must use a 9x13 Casserole dish. Many of our users will switch theirs up to make multiple dishes or meals at one time. Do you have to cook different meals for your kids due to allergies? Do you have a different diet than others in your family? The Hot Logic 9x13 is great for these types of situations.

Two 6 Cup Pyrex

One user cooked two dishes of creamy spinach and tilapia. This is perfect for portion control or differences in ingredients.

Creamy tilapia

Three dishes one 9x13

Another user cooked one whole meal in the 9x13. This is a great way to prepare all dishes in a single meal using different Pyrex sizes.

  • 1 6 Cup Pyrex
  • 1 3 cup Pyrex
  • 1 2 cup Pyrex bowl 

3 dishes 9x13


Sometimes having a ton of Pyrex or containers does not fit travel needs. Due to the way the hot plate in the Hot Logic works, why not just set each package directly on the plate?!?

Mixed packages

The Mini

Frozen meals

Who said you have to eat just one thing? Another user shared their Stouffer's Mini meatloaf and stuffed shells in their Hot Logic Mini.

Mini meatloaf and stuffed shells

Mini: Separation in the Container

As a former cook in the Army, I more than know that some people do not like it or want their food touching. This is where the Hot Logic Meal prep package is very useful! The Hot Logic prep package comes with a package of 7 meal prep containers ensuring that your food cooks separate in each dish! Check out this awesome surf and turf meal!

surf and turf

Versatile is an understatement

Depending on how many you are cooking for or just your preference, any Hot Logic product has many different uses and variations to cooking or reheating your meal. 


Do you have any creative or innovative techniques you have tried with your Hot Logic? Share in the comments! We love to hear from you.


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