Adding liquid or not?

Looking over some of the common comments, that are often times that users ask questions when to add liquid to containers to cook. 

The great thing about the Hot Logic is its ability to cook meat from raw or frozen. In the cases of cooking any meat, they give off their own liquids that pack a ton of flavor.

Simple Tricks:

When cooking with a raw meat, here are some things you can try:

  1. Add a vegetable like broccoli, peppers, or even Brussel sprouts. They will cook in the juice and pick up a ton of flavor.
  2. Use minute rice or pre-cooked pasta, they also will pick up the flavor from the meat.
  3. Heavily season the meat before cooking, it will add even more flavor.

Do you not like the liquid mixing?

No problem there either. If you do not want the juices from the meat to mix with your sides? Use compartment containers to contain the juice from mixing with other items.

Slow cooking meat?

Have you tried slow cooking a big piece of meat in the HL? Use any beer, hard cider, chicken broth or veggie broth and slow cook for the day. The meat will come out so tender you can shred it or peel it off the bone! 

Do you like chicken fajitas or pulled chicken? You can cook THE BEST pulled chicken in the Hot Logic. Drain the liquid and mix with any seasonings or dressing for flavor packed chicken. 

Keep it simple!

Keep trying new things every day. It is very hard to mess up much in the Hot Logic (try not burning your mouth!)

Share some of your tips and tricks in the comments!