Back to school? Hot Logic's YOUR Tool

It's that time of year again, pictures to take, shuttling kids around, meetings and practices... the list goes on.

Planning meals, making sure the family is fed, different eating times, finding time to do homework, it's amazing how much spare time dwindles. The Hot Logic 9x13 is here to help!

Whether coming home to perfect and tender ribs or a hot casserole, the Hot Logic 9x13 will do the work for you giving YOU the time you need to get things done while still serving hot and great tasting meals.

One of my favorite go-to 9x13 meals is baked pasta. You can easily prep this meal before or use ready to go ingredients.

All you need for Baked pasta is:

  • One box of noodles (I use spiral or rotelle) (boil the noodles then cool)
  • One bottle of pasta sauce
  • Ricotta (15 oz container)
  • Italian Sausage (brown in a pan and drain)
  • Italian Seasoning

First, boil the noodles, drain them and cool. Next, brown the sausage (feel free to add onions and mushrooms).

Once the noodles are cooled and drained, mix the ricotta, noodles and Italian seasoning together, spread evenly in the 9x13.

Next, layer the sausage over the noodle/ricotta mix, then top with sauce and sprinkle mozzarella cheese.

I like to prep the meal the night before and let it sit in the refrigerator. The next day, pull it out, set it in the 9x13 and let it do the work. 

When you come home, serve and eat! This meal is hearty often leaving us with left overs.

baked pasta


Casserole season is upon us! Is there a meal you want us to cook? What recipes are your favorite! Share in the comments.