BBQ Chicken Wings

On the weekend when you are busy with projects or hopefully out having fun, the Hot Logic is my go to for preparing dinner. When the weather got in the high 90's for us with even higher humidity, standing at a grill was not high on my list of priorities. In an attempt to save myself time and energy, I decided to use my Hot Logic to prep dinner while I knocked out my list of projects for the day.

I don't know if you have ever seen the simple mix recipes to make your own BBQ Sauce, dips, or seasoning mixes but I LOVE to have these on hand. For a nice change up in our BBQ routine, I used my favorite BBQ mix and some ketchup to make the BBQ sauce and threw it on my chicken wings. 

BBQ Chicken wings

To make these, I simply put the chicken in a 6 cup Pyrex dish, mixed the ketchup with the BBQ glaze mix and covered the Pyrex, plugged in the family size and let it cook. Even though chicken only takes about 2 hours to cook, I let it cook more than 4 hours and pulled them out when we were ready to eat dinner.

Chicken wings 2

When the chicken was all done, the wings were well flavored and really juicy!

BBQ chicken 3

For a full dinner, I kept some scalloped potatoes warm next to the chicken. This was a very simple meal and tasted great.

Remember that you do not need to over complicate recipes in the Hot Logic. Add some seasoning or flavors and let the Hot Logic do the rest of the work for you!


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