Breakfast made simple

Looking to eat better breakfasts in the morning than muffins, bagels or a bowl of cereal? Do you use your Hot Logic for lunch and dinner? Why not breakfast? The Hot logic is fully capable of making a hot and healthy breakfast for you, no burnt eggs or semi cold meat.

Where should I start?

Prepping a breakfast is very simple and easy. If you want to make a frittata, cut up any vegetables or meat you would like, feel free to even add some cheese. Mix it all together in a dish with your eggs, set it, and forget it. Wake up to perfectly cooked eggs in the morning.

Want to change it up a bit? Go the extra step and take some cream cheese and a tortilla shell for a breakfast burrito. This is great for traveling or even camping!

Egg burritos

Here are some other examples from users:

Sausage and potatos

BreakfastVaccuum bags

Others even vacuum seal their breakfast for over the road travel.

SkilletThis breakfast skillet prepped with bacon, potatoes and eggs will re-heat to a hot and hearty breakfast in the morning. 

Pre-plan for breakfast

With some quick and simple planning, you can use your Hot Logic for a hot served breakfast no matter how you want to eat.

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