Caramel Apples + Hot Logic

Do you love making caramel apples in the fall but worry about using caramel in a hot pan? Did you know that you can use the Hot Logic to create a fun activity that is safe with your kids? As someone who likes to decrease a mess and make things safer in the kitchen, this a a great way to make a fun fall treat!

If you are a real go getter and make your own caramel, hats off to you! If not and you just want to have a quick activity for the kids in the kitchen or planning to host a party, the store bought caramel works well.

caramel apple

I recently tried a Pinterest recipe for caramel grapes instead of apple, that is why the dish for this picture is a little smaller. If you are doing apples, I would recommend a bigger dish.

To make the caramel apples, empty the caramel into your dish to melt the caramel in that fits your apples. I would recommend about 2 hours to make sure you have a nice, warm caramel.

When the caramel is warm, if you have the entertainers package for the Hot Logic, I would recommend pulling the hot plate out and putting it on the entertainers board.

If you do not know about the entertainers package, it it a MUST have! It works great for entertaining at parties and keeps your carrying cases clean.

Making your caramel apples is simple, safe and fun when you remove the hot pan allowing your littles to make them without a hot pan on the stove.

Do you like to make Holiday treats? Share your in the comments!