Chicken "How To" in the Hot Logic

Here at Hot Logic we love that the first question we hear is an astounded, that will cook RAW Chicken?!?!?

The answer is YES! The Hot Logic cooks a raw chicken breast to perfection in 2 hours. A frozen breast cooks in 4 which is more than enough time to get to work, plug in, let it cook, and open your lunch to a FRESH and HOT meal. 

There are tons of easy combinations to cook in the Hot Logic Mini with less than 5 minutes of prep!

Check out these two flavor packed recipes!

Chicken, Italian Seasoning, Mushroom, Spinach, and mozzarella cheese


Chicken, Ranch Seasoning, Bacon, and shredded cheese


Both of these recipes turned out great and the best part is they take less than 5 ingredients and pack a TON of flavor in a quick and simple dish. 

Do you have a go to chicken recipe?!? Comment on your favorite!

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