Cleaning your Hot Logic

Lately we have been making an effort to really answer questions and provide some details on the Hot Logic. Today I had my own encounter with the Hot Logic that made me think, hmmm, I bet others need to know this. The Holiday season is upon us which means one of my favorite things... POT LUCKS! Now what does this mean for Hot Logic users?!? 

Being the Hot Logic Hero

First, it means that you are the coolest person at the party since your food is perfectly hot and never burning while you sit and watch the others constantly check their crock pot and stir it to make sure it's evenly heating. All while you laugh to yourself knowing that your food will come out at perfect temp without touching it!

Second, unless you have the entertainer package it means that you risk getting your carrying case dirty. Even if you maintain yours to stay perfectly clean, messes happen where something gets on the hot plate or the outside bag of the Hot Logic, it will still be easier to clean than a crock pot.

So let me explain how I came about sharing these cleaning tips and tricks with you. Most often I LOVE to cook for Pot Lucks and almost always home made. Well, I will confess I forgot my potluck and needed to throw together a quick dish to pass so I settled on ham. I bought a nice piece of ham, sliced it and threw it in the Hot Logic. I am pleased to say it heated up perfectly and it was great! My quick share comes from the fact that I had multiple meetings after the potluck and didn't get a chance to clean my dish even though it would have taken little to no time.

Well, in my rush home I never thought about all of the juices sitting in the bottom of my container. When I got home I found out I did not seal my container nor set it evenly in the car. My container not only leaked onto my Hot Logic case but the cloth shopping bag and my car seat! UGH! Ham juice... everywhere!

Here is where my mistake comes in handy for you!

Cleaning the Hot Logic

The Hot Plate

Cleaning the hot plate is simple and easy. Lightly wet a paper towel or dish cloth and wipe the unit down. If there is a little crusted or slightly burnt residue, lightly scrub the area. Keeping the plate clean is very simple.

Hot Logic Case

If you get the case dirty at all like I did with the ham juice, run the case under warm water and clean with a light dish soap. Rinse out the suds and let the bag dry.

Cleaning the Hot Logic is simple and easy. Have you had any user fails like me? 

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