Eating healthy from store choices

I will be the first to admit that cooking from scratch every night of the week is not easy. I can't imagine the struggle if I always had to travel or drive for work every day too. We all know that the Hot Logic makes cooking or reheating a breeze but there is still the point of food prep.

Keeping it simple and easy today, I am going to share some quick options I have found in the grocery store that have turned out great in the HL.

Quick store options:

  1. Crab stuffed salmon or salmon with herb butter
  2. Rotisserie chicken
  3. Frozen stuffed chicken (Cordon bleu, cheese and broccoli, buffalo chicken)
  4. Any frozen fish
  5. Stuffed sausage (found in the meat counter or packaged)
  6. Soups (canned or plastic cup)

Add a side:

Want to step up your quick meal? Add a side of a bagged salad or veggies, or what the heck, go for the store mac and cheese if you want a cheat.

Everyone would love to eat healthy 100% all the time but sometimes having some convenient options are nice too.

What does your store offer that is quick and easy?

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