Fishy Facts

This month we have directed our focus towards answering questions from our users. We often say that the Hot Logic is very easy to use and even easier to overcomplicate. Today we are going to discuss fish in the Hot Logic.

All about the fish

Let me start by saying, if you have not followed Hot Logic Recipes on Facebook, do it now! Our Hot Logic recipe group has a ton of loyal followers who love to push the limits and test the uses of the Hot Logic. We all know that fish in the microwave, or any seafood for that matter is an absolute no at the office.

So why can we eat fish at work with the Hot Logic? 

The HL cooks food or reheats it in a sealed environment that traps the smell of any fish or seafood while cooking. This is great as it does not spread any fish smell while heating up the food. My first week owning a Hot Logic I knew I had to put this to a test.

I used frozen salmon fillets, lightly seasoned and added some frozen veggies. This was a simple and easy combination that only required portioning and seasoning.

fish 4

Check out the picture from one of our own, Brent. His favorite is Flounder cooked from either frozen or fresh.

Frozen fish

Hear from our users: 

fish 2

fish 3

As seen above, Richard posted using leftover fish while Anyango used minute rice and frozen fish. 

Our users are amazing as they are our biggest advocates and users of the Hot Logic and simple recipe creation. You do not have to be a great cook or a gourmet chef to create great tasting food.

Have you tried or tested out seafood? We would love to hear from you!

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