Flying Vegan, Eating on the go

Traveling every so often can be a hassle, but what if traveling was your job and life?

Meet Stephanie Ryan, a Hot Logic user who works as a flight attendant and uses her Hot Logic to adhere to her Vegan diet.

Stephanie shared her journey with us from using hotel irons to heat up a can of soup to her prepping, planning, and meals that she now enjoys on the road and in the air in her Hot Logic.

Here is some of her story:
"I'm not really sure where to start but I'll do my best.

A little about me, my name is Stephanie, I've been a flight attendant for 10 years, and try and stick to a plant-based diet. Until recently I raised chickens and ate the fresh eggs that they provided, but with a base transfer coming soon, my farming days are on hiatus.

My first years of flying I was on call, and remember countless nights trying to heat canned food up with an iron in my hotel room. Now, having my Hot Logic Mini available on work trips my life is so much better. When I leave for a trip, I pack nearly all food I plan to consume during my 4 days flying.

Staples must be easy to pack, and allowable through airport checkpoints. (Hawaii and Mexico are notorious for confiscating fresh produce) so I rely on grains often. My favorites include: Rolled Oats, that I cook overnight in the Hot Logic Mini, I like to stir in cinnamon and bananas or dates or dump it into the center of a fresh papaya for a just sweet enough hearty breakfast. Quinoa, not only does the Hot Logic Mini do a wonderful job cooking it to perfection, but it is also a complete protein source. I like to stir in veggies and occasionally store-bought prepared baked tofu. Add a little packet of soy sauce and you get all the feeling and taste of Chinese takeout, none of the MSG or delivery price tag. I prefer Bulgar Wheat, another grain that the Hot Logic Mini does great with! I prefer it texture wise to brown rice, I usually to pair it with black beans, corn, and salsa for burrito bowls.

As we all know the Hot Logic Mini does a great job of reheating leftovers, I like to change up a meal just a little for leftovers. Combining fresh ingredients with the food I have precooked. On a layover a few weeks ago I found beautiful zucchini at a local farmers market. I sliced it long and thin and rolled my leftover burrito bowl grains and beans inside it then smothered in it enchilada sauce. Cooked it a couple hours in my HLM while I did yoga, and voila! A new and delicious fresh meal, with no wasted food. The options are endless really. When I have new hire flight attendants onboard, I add the HLM to my lessons on how to be a successful flight attendant. Anyone that travels for a living should have one of these. Since I purchased my HLM 6 months ago, I have lost 20 pounds, saved countless dollars, and I love knowing that I won't have to struggle.

The Hot Logic is so great that Stephanie gave us her incredible story. She shared her recipes, pictures, and ideas that work best for her. Eating a vegan diet can be very restricted to salads without the benefit of hot food. As she stated, while training new employees she shares her love for the Hot Logic and how it makes her job easy and simple for her lifestyle.

We thank Stephanie for sharing her story and creative ways she uses the Hot Logic. She loves to contribute her ideas and creations on our Hot Logic Facebook page. Feel free to follow her recipes and ideas or just say hi!

Thanks Stephanie for sharing!

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