Food saver and your Hot Logic

One thing I love about blogging for you Hot Logic foodies is the opportunity to learn from you and expand my own techniques. A lot of our over the road drivers need to plan for long haul trips and the best way to store food. For my own practices and budgeting techniques, I often buy meat in bulk, portion it out and save it so I look forward to extending the storage time on the food.

In a recent visit to Costco, their Food Saver had a great discount so I finally decided to take the plunge and buy one. Now I am the one learning from all of you! The best thing about our Hot Logic Recipes page is the opportunity to learn different techniques from others. 

Rather than hearing from me here are some useful tips from some of our loyal users.

User Eric shared his Food Saver recipe of pork chops, vegetables and salsa. Adding flavorings such as salsa seals in flavor so as your food cooks it is ready to go.

Pork and vegetables


Another user Lisa, shared her whole meal sealed and ready to go. Meatloaf, corn on the cob and chili. She was able to use her Hot Logic after the Florida hurricanes and still have some great meals.

Meat loaf corn on the cob chili

Another user, Amanda, took her food saver and sealed a gallons worth of chili. She was able to save 11 bowls worth for her family.

chili food savers

I have yet to try any of these techniques but look forward to the opportunities that this technique provides. I have already taken my Hot Logic camping with prepped foods in Pyrex dishes but I feel that these techniques would save so much space and time.

Do you use a Food Saver? Do you have any tips or tricks you want to share?


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