Freezer Meals Tips and Tricks

Are you on the road or sometimes want a quick meal to grab and heat up? One of the best things about the Hot Logic is its ability to heat up frozen meals to that perfect temperature. 

I am going to keep this post quick and simple. Here are some of the frozen meals that have worked really well in the Hot Logic:

  1. Frozen Fried rice. Step it up by adding some soy sauce or toasted sesame oil.
  2. Frozen burritos or enchiladas. Add some cheese, taco sauce, sour cream or salsa to the top when done.
  3. Vegetables. Any kind works! Stir fry happens to be a favorite with some chicken.
  4. Soups. You would be surprised how hot a soup comes out. No waiting and stirring at the microwave for time on end.

Check out some of these users posts and what they did.

Timothy used Chow Mein noodles and a can of chicken:

"Do you like Chow Mein?
Here is a 30 minute quick meal that I made, sorry I did not get a picture of the finished meal, but it was delicious.
I removed the sauce pack and added one 5 oz. can of drained chicken, then I poured boiling water to the fill line.
30 minutes later I was going to stir the noodles, but they were done. So I added the sauce and enjoyed. I was just going to add tap water, but I wanted a big mug of tea to go with the meal. When I did this in the microwave, there was always boil over and a sticky mess to clean up, not any more."

Frozen meal 1

Another user Kelli kept it quick and simple. She stated, "From frozen to done in 2 hours! LOVE it!

frozen 2

We love it when our users share the quick tips are creativity in their Hot Logic.

What have you tired in yours? Leave a comment for us!