Hamburger Casserole: Hold the bun

Everyone knows the joy of holding a good thick burger between a great bun and taking a big bite. Not everyone can do that though. Anyone who has a gluten intolerance, Celiac Disease or eats lower carbs knows the importance of giving up bread but that doesn't mean you should give up eating burgers!

Here is a quick and easy recipe to prepare burgers, hold the bun!

In a skillet or a pan, cook down 1 lb of burger and half of a diced onion. Add any seasonings that you prefer on your burgers. For this recipe, I used salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and a little bit of Worcester sauce.  Brown the meat and onion down in the pan, then drain the grease. 

Hamburger casserole 1


While the burger is cooking, crisp up 6 slices (or more if you like bacon) of bacon in the oven.


When the bacon is done, drain the grease and cut the bacon into small pieces.

In your Pyrex or cooking dish, mix the bacon, burger meat, cheddar cheese and two eggs together in your dish. The eggs act as a binder to give the dish a casserole texture. If you prefer a crumbling texture, skip the egg!

burger casserole 2

When all the contents are mixed, put your dish in the Hot Logic and let it go until you are ready to eat.



When you are ready to eat, add pickles, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mayo, mustard, or any toppings you like your your burgers.

This dish is very versatile and full of flavor. Want to eat it with something? Use a lettuce, a bun or a wrap.

Do you have a favorite dish?!? Share in the comments.



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