Hidden Valley and Hot Logic Hacks

You see it on Top Chef, you see it on TV commercials but have you ever tried using Hidden Valley packets to season food in your Hot Logic?

Hidden Valley packets have a ton of uses. You can use them in dips or just plain seasoning. Here are a couple favorites of mine!

Buffalo Dip or Chicken wraps:

  • Hidden Valley Ranch Packet
  • Franks Red Hot sauce (use the amount to your flavor liking)
  • Add Cream cheese for a dip

Chicken Ranch Fajita Tacos

  • Hidden Valley Packet
  • Chicken fajita seasoning
  • If cooking chicken from frozen there will be enough juices given off
  • If from raw: add a 1/4 cup of chicken broth with the seasoning

Chicken Bacon Ranch

  • Any type of chicken cut
  • Natural Bacon bits (maintains a better texture)
  • Hidden Valley Ranch
  • For a casserole type, add cream of chicken soup or a chicken stock thickened with cornstarch
  • Even better: add mixed frozen veggies

Looking for a side dish?

  • Mix a packet with cauliflower or broccoli

Try any meat:

  • Pork chops take on a great ranch flavor and get a great tender cook on them

Hidden Valley Ranch packets are great for those who travel on the road. You can buy them in bulk for seasoning that is easy to store or small packets for on the go needs.

The Hot Logic already cooks food to maintain highest amounts of flavor. Adding a quick and simple packet packs a ton of flavor making a quick and easy meal.






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