Hold the turkey, have some ham.

Ham Step 1

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, there are always the go to dishes and expectations with the Holidays. Not everyone is a fan of turkey so I decided to try out a large slice of bone in ham.


This piece of ham was about 1 inch thick and cost $10. I cooked it in a large casserole dish in the 9x13 Hot Logic. It cooked for the whole day and came out perfect, tender, and flavorful.

Ham 2

Take it a step further

When the ham was finished, you can see the glaze and juices from the ham gave off a great amount liquid to turn into ham sauce (technically not a gravy since you do not make a rue).

Drain the liquid out into a pan and heat to almost boiling. Mix a 2 to 1 ratio of water (2) to cornstarch (1). Mix together and slowly pour the mixture in (not all at once). The reaction of the heat will thicken the juice into a sauce. Add enough until you reach the thickness you want.

Not everyone chooses to enjoy turkey or want to cook a whole turkey if you are eating for one or two people. This is a great and affordable option, even for Christmas! 

This was husband approved and my husband said it is some of the best ham he has had. I will take that comment for opening it, putting it in the Hot Logic and doing pretty much nothing else!

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