Hot Logic and taters

There are a lot of discussions about potatoes and how well they work in the Hot Logic. Many of our loyal customers continue to test potatoes out in hopes of cooking the perfect potato. Many can say that they have made it work but in all honesty, you will end up with crunchy potatoes. If you like a crunchy potato than more power to you!

Potatoes 3 Ways (well, kind of)

Frozen Mashed (for testing purposes mashed cauliflower!)

Yes, these are not potatoes but with the whole cauliflower vs potato fad going on, I felt like testing it for you.

potatoes 3 ways

These frozen mashed cauliflower work well in the Hot Logic, just throw the whole box in and let them cook.

I let all three different types sit for 2+ hours. Once they came out I put them in a bowl (to hide the fact that they were NOT potatoes from my husband). Overall, the consistency was great and the flavor closely matched potatoes. These are a great alternative for low carb or any potato alternative.

mashed cauliflower

Rehydrated in a bag

I have not always been a fan of these types of potatoes but in a bind they were not too bad. I boiled the water in my tea kettle, added the butter, mixed them and let them sit in the Hot Logic. At this point they are cooked but they held really well and worked great as leftovers. Now being a cook, I would have added a little warm milk or sour cream to doctor them up. BUT: If you are traveling, you can add even cold water to these, stir them and let them heat in the Hot Logic to some decent mashed potatoes. (maybe even try heating them with a raw steak?)

rehydrated potatoes

Boxed Potatoes

In order to give the full experience of "taters 3 ways", my last attempt at potatoes involved the Scalloped potatoes. These involved a little more time and I don't think I would recommend them to anyone cooking on the road. I used boiling water to rehydrate them and they still needed some extra time in the Hot Logic to get to a good consistency. 

scalloped    scalloped 2



The Truth about taters

Part of me writing to you is it is not my job to tell you that EVERYTHING tastes great or provides the best way of eating. I will say though that these alternatives are great if you are not near a kitchen and want to add some potatoes to your meal.

Overall, the moral of the story is there are options for potatoes if not cooking from raw. Everyone will tell you a fresh potato cooked is the best but as the Hot Logic never reaches high enough cooking temperatures to break down the starch in the potato, you will always end up with a crunch.

Now we never turn anyone down anyone who finds a way to make it work so feel free to share in the comments what has worked best for you!