Hot Logic helps first responders

As the blogger for Hot Logic, it is first and foremost my job to share recipes and how-to use the Hot Logic.

One thing I love most about working for Hot Logic is their generosity. I am able to share Hot Logic FOR FREE when I find someone in need of one and it happens quite a lot.

Just the other day I was talking with a paramedic who said that she was having issues eating healthy as she works in a small town and options are limited for food when they have time to eat, if they have time to eat. Of course I took this time to ask if she had heard of Hot Logic and gave her one to try.

Just one day after giving her the Hot Logic, she sent me a text thanking me for the Hot Logic with the food she was eating at work.

Paramedic food

First responders often work long shifts with limited time to eat based on incoming calls. In a 24 hour shift, eating out can cost a lot of money and no shame to a salad or sandwich, but they can get old quick.

Do you know a Paramedic, Fire Fighter or a Police Officer? Share the gift of a Hot Logic with them!

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