Hot Logic makes camping easy!

I had the joy of enjoying the beautiful Michigan weather this past weekend as Fall quickly approaches. As someone who eats a restricted diet, camping can quickly become a challenge especially when tent camping. So, this weekend I decided I would meal prep all of my food in my Pyrex containers, keep them in my cooler and plug in my Hot Logic.

First off, let me tell you that we ate like Kings and Queens! I didn't have to light our camping grill once, do more than three dishes at a time, and spent little to no time cooking.

Before we left I planned three meals the night before.

  • Steak Fajitas
  • Breakfast Burritos
  • Pulled Pork


The best part about all of this meal prep was only cutting up veggies. The meat was all raw, they veggies were all raw too!

Friday night we arrived to our campsite around 6 o'clock. We had to juggle two dogs, set up our tent and our picnic cover tent. Anyone knows that setting up a tent is a true test of marriage, let alone TWO tents! I can tell you, it was amazing to get to our site, plug in my Hot Logic Mini with the steak fajitas and get to work.

At 8 pm after getting set up, sitting by the fire for a while, we sat down to eat our steak fajitas. The steak was juicy, tender, and packed with flavor!

Steak Fajitas: Steak thinly sliced, orange peppers, sweet white onion, seasonings. Wrapped in a tortilla with a little sour cream and cheese. So simple!

Steak fajitas

After eating our fajitas for dinner, I took out my prepped egg dish: bacon, mushrooms, and onion, cracked 4 eggs into the dish, mixed it up an threw it in the Hot Logic at 9 pm. In the morning, we didn't eat breakfast until after 10 am (More than 12 hours later!) and woke up to perfectly cooked eggs!

The more I write to you guys, I can tell you this was not meant to be a tortilla or wrap promotion, it was what worked best for us camping.

Anyways, our breakfast burritos had previously cooked bacon, egg, mushrooms, onions, salt, pepper, 4 eggs and some cheese. I took some tortillas, spread a little bit of chive cream cheese and put the eggs in the wrap.

breakfast burritos

These turned out well also! We even shared the rest of it with others since we had so much left overs. I loved that my small Pyrex was the only dish I had to clean other than our two camping plates. On prior trips we have a brown tub, had to heat up dish water and scrub all of our pans and dishes. We didn't have to do that this time! I was able to quickly get breakfast around, clean up, and spend time with family which is the most important.

When Hot Logic says save time.... We really mean SAVE TIME!

We didn't eat lunch at our campsite so it was very simple to take my last container of pulled pork, leave, and come back to tender pork loin ready to shred!

Before we left for our trip I took a pork loin, seasoned with it with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, some hard cider (works great for marinating and packs a TON of flavor.) I then spread some BBQ sauce and locked the cover on.

Being able to go enjoy Traverse City and return to perfectly cooked pork and a hot meal was THE BEST! When we were ready for dinner, I pulled my dish out of the Hot Logic, shredded the pork with a plastic knife and fork (shows you how tender it was), threw it on a tortilla with some cheese, pickle, and mayo. We had a side of potato salad making a perfect summer meal.

pulled pork


As someone who has cooked in the field for over 1000 soldiers and knows how to cook with limited tools, even if I didn't meal prep any of my food before camping, there is no way that eating could have been easier.

Doug (my hubs) kept saying how easy it was to eat this weekend and how good each of our meals were. We saved a TON of money not eating out or bringing a ton of different ingredients to keep in the cooler. We saved time cooking or planning out when to eat. We simply pulled our HOT food out of the Hot Logic and enjoyed every thing we ate.


Are you planning on camping over the Labor Day weekend? If you are thinking about getting a Hot logic, DO IT!! Having mine with me was simple, took up little to no space and made this weekend so much easier to enjoy!