Hot Logic meets Holiday Party

It's beginning to look a lot like....

Carrying on from Thanksgiving and moving into more of the Holiday season, I am sure your calendar looks just as busy or busier than mine! Work, family and friend parties require an extensive list of recipes and dishes required to pass. 

Between shopping (for gifts and food), wrapping gifts, decorating and traveling, who wants to spend a ton of time in the kitchen?!? I know I sure don't. As I even sit and type this to you, I am watching "Christmas with the Kranks" where they plan to skip Christmas and last minute must throw together their party... I am laughing to myself, boy do they need a Hot Logic!

Throughout the Holiday season, it is often said to count your blessings and let me tell you, blogging for Hot Logic is one of those HUGE blessings for me. I don't say that just because I get to create recipes for this great community (and read yours too!) but I also constantly remind myself how thankful I am for this product. Just going to Thanksgiving dinner with my two green bean dishes in the 9x13 only to arrive minutes before dinner was served with my two hot dishes was perfect!

If you do not have an inverter to plug your Hot logic in and didn't purchase it with your mini or 9x13, they are very easy to find and a must-have for your Hot Logics! 

Now let me tell you another lifesaver that is awesome once you get to your party, the entertainer package. This is great as it comes with a board to hold the heating plate outside of carrying case so A: you do not get your carrying case dirty with food and B: keep your food warm (did I mention without EVER overheating your food?!?!)

Check this out!

Once you have this great and easy package what do you cook? We wanted to share one of our #whatscookingwednesday posts for Meatballs 5 ways. Frozen meatballs are quick and easy to make in the Hot Logic Mini or 9x13. What I love most is I can make the quick mix, pour it over the frozen meatballs only to leave them alone. No stirring, mixing or checking like I used to do in the crockpot.


Meatballs are only the beginning of quick and easy party dishes for the Holiday season. Dips, casseroles, and any sides are great!

What are some of your go to side dishes or appetizers?

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