Hot Logic Road Trip Fail

This is a very true story of how yours truly failed using the Hot Logic on a recent road trip. This also gives me a large amount of respect to those who drive over the road for weeks to months away from home and manage to rock using their Hot Logic. 

Over Labor Day weekend we decided to drive down to North Carolina from Michigan for a friends wedding (with our two dogs...). As someone who has grown up spending 6 hours in the car to and from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, what seems to be long car rides has never been an issue for me (we also do not drive through mountains in Michigan). 

Due to my lack of poor planning, I decided to try out my hand at using the Hot Logic over a long road trip with two last minute purchases. I purchased two frozen meals thinking this would be easiest. 

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Burritos                        Chicken Cheese Melt

    Breakfast Burritos                           Chicken Melts

Using the adapter for the car port, we plugged the Hot Logic in for about 2 hours for each.

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Burritos

The breakfast burritos did not take too long to heat up. When we were ready to eat, we poured a little mild sauce into them for some extra flavor. I didn't think they tasted too bad but my husband did not like them at all. To each their own. We definitely have had some better breakfast burritos before. Other users have pre-made their own, froze them, then put them in food savers for later use. 

Breakfast burritos 2

Chicken Melts

As a travel cheat, I packed some left over packets from Chic Fil A and added them to the chicken melts for some extra flavor again. Although my husband loves these, I much would have preferred to prepare a full meal of chicken and veggies. They worked as a snack but not the best for a full meal.

Chicken melts

Overall, the convenience of the Hot Logic allowed us to stay on the road longer and save us some money from stopping for fast food. Next time, I most definitely need to plan better ahead. 

Do you drive over the road? Have any go to recipes to share? We would love to hear from you!