Hot Logic Saves Teachers time

Before the start of the new school year, Hot Logic donated one of the 800 Units to a local Grand Rapids (MI) school for their teacher's lounge.

Hoping to save teachers more time on their lunch break to enjoy a hot meal, we got a great response in return!

Here are some of the responses shared:

"It's Greattt! But like quote that in the Tony the Tiger voice. Thanks!"  ~ Sean Parde

"The hot logic has been great! It has warmed my food so it is the perfect temperature to eat right at lunchtime. No more waiting by the microwave! 🙂"

~ Stacy Luke

"I don't use it because I usually just have a 30-second thing to heat up. That being said, it's so nice to not have to wait at the microwave so long anymore because people who have things that heat up for long periods of time use the Hot Logic now. Yay! They always have said it works great! Thanks for (indirectly) helping me out!"

~ Katelin Veenstra

"The Hot Logic has been a huge time saver. As a teacher, I only have so long for lunch. Most of the time I'm also helping students with work at lunchtime, so having my food already heated up and ready when I get it is great! My food is never dried out or overcooked as happens so often in a microwave. I can prepare healthy meals (I included frozen corn today and it was perfect) and have them ready for me at lunch."

~Sara Cawley

Being able to help teachers have more time to themselves during their busy day makes us happy!

Do you have a teacher in your life? Need a present idea for them?

Share the Hot Logic Mini love with them!

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