It's a family affair!

It is crazy to think that I have been sharing my love for Hot Logic with everyone for 9 months! Where has time gone?!?

Just this past weekend we headed off to a family birthday party. Last summer when I first started blogging for Hot Logic, their generosity was amazing in how they wanted me to start a simple task: Share Hot Logics!

I am sure none of you who are simply obsessed with the Hot Logic have found someone you know NEEDS a Hot Logic. How many times have you preached how much they need this amazing lunch box that can cook/warm up your meals? I will even admit, sometimes I forget who I have or have not told because I talk about them ALL... THE... TIME!

Anyways, back to my story. Last year on the release of the 12 Volt Hot Logic Mini, I shared a Hot Logic with a family member who works for Purina. He drives across the state (Michigan) aiding farmers with their cattle's nutrition. He spends a lot of time in his truck with the bad winter storms and roads. After catching up, it made me happy to hear how much he not only loves his 12V mini, but also how many farmers and other co-workers see it and end up buying one too!

It's a guarantee!

Have you read the Hot Logic guarantees? Well, number three is YOU WILL share your Hot Logic with others. 

How many family members have you shared with? Do you buy them for gifts? Leave a comment of your fun sharing stories!





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