It's all about the Soup

Soup season is upon us!

Hot chocolate, hot cider, coffee... Anything that warms the insides during the cold months is always welcome, so let's talk about soup!

Whether you are sick or not, there is always something wonderful about a warm cup of soup! Just this past weekend I enjoyed a warm bowl of soup my mom made from boiling down the bones of the turkey for a nice bone broth soup. I have yet to perfect cooking soup the way my mom does, but it doesn't mean I won't sit down to warm cup of soup. 

So why talk so much about soup? Well, lately there have been a lot of questions from our users what you can use in the Hot Logic and how well it works so I decided to run my own tests and answer your questions.

Can I cook my soup in a can directly on the plate? Yes you can!

Soup in can

This Progresso "potato, broccoli & cheese chowder" heated up all the way through for lunch! The can was even hot. As a two point test, I also heated up a can of soup in my Corningware soup cup which fit the whole can even with added sweet corn. Both heated for 4 hours and came out not only at perfect temperature but HOT, like I needed to let it cool not to burn my tongue HOT.

Out of the two, I did prefer to eat directly out of my Corningware vs the can but in a bind the can works fine!

Do you pre-prep food? Freeze now, eat later!

You know how I mentioned that my mom makes the best soup? Well, when I first told her about the Hot Logic she didn't believe me that it would work on her frozen soups. I always say that if I can win over a Hot Logic skeptic, then I just win (and so do they)!

Read her story below:

"My first experience with the Hot Logic was soup.  I took one of my frozen homemade soups of my frequent favorites for lunch at work.  If I am thinking ahead, I thaw it out a day in advance, but often I am taking a frozen chunk to work.  I have to put it in the microwave at work, which requires frequent stirring and taste testing to see if it is hot enough.  I will also mention that the microwaves at work are grossly dirty, and there is often a line to use them.

I was skeptical that the Hot Logic could heat my soup up with just giving it the morning, and since I like mine really hot, I didn't think it would be hot enough (near boiling).
It was perfect!  Hot, not bubbling, everything was warmed evenly.  One thing I need to work toward is better container - I don't like heating in plastic, but I also don't like freezing glass, as I have had a few incidents where my container broke.  I will be on the hunt for metal containers, or open to other recommendations.
I have pictures to share.
frozen soup
Thank you...I can't wait to try something else!"
She may be my mom BUT, winning her over with the Hot Logic and how awesome they are was a big win for me!
I can agree with her that no longer fighting for the microwave and eating a hot meal whenever you are ready or in a rush is great.
I can also say: Mom tested and approved!

What are some of your favorite soup recipes?!? 

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