Keeping it Keto

There are many types of eating changes out to imrpove your health and it can be quite a slippery slope to discuss them. Keto or low carb has taken quite a leap in the last year for diet and health but it can be quite controversial to discuss. 

A keto diet restricts the intake of carbs to change the bodies cycle of gluconeogenisis into ketosis from the lack of carbs. If you so choose to follow the keto diet, please seek counsel with your health care provider or practitioner or whomever you work with to see that it fits your health needs. **As any way of eating can have it's own effects, Hot Logic in no way represents or supports changes to your diet unless recommended to you.**

If you follow our Hot Logic Facebook page, many questions have been asked about which types of things you can cook in the Hot Logic to follow a keto diet. Most often, proteins and green leafy vegetables are an easy way to stick to it.

Check out these past posts for some quick and easy recipes:

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There are a ton more posts from the Hot Logic blog from why it is safe to cook in the Hot Logic to simple tips and tricks! Take some time to look around!