Kids in Sports? Use Hot Logic on the go!

Are you constantly on the go bringing your kids to sports and clubs or other activities? Does it seem like you never have time to eat a home cooked meal? Hot Logic is a great tool to add to your busy life that keeps you out of the fast food line and saving you money.

If you want to have a hot meal while you are on the go, use a Hot Logic Mini or the Hot Logic mini 12V. Do you have to go sit at a soccer game in the rain or a baseball tournament outside? Why pay for hot dogs at the game when you can keep your own in the car. Need to feed a whole team? Keep hot dogs and burgers warm in the 9x13 Family size

One of our loyal users Al shared while he was on the road:

"The simplest things bring me so much joy. 4 hot dogs covered with Kraut, salt and pepper. Cooked 2 hours. Vinegar and salt potato chips. Easy and delicious."

Hot dogs

Imagine how much money you can save if you are constantly at sporting events, tournaments or traveling. 

Other users have stepped up their hot dog game with:

  • Chili
  • Ssides of ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, or any other favorites
  • Serve with another hot side like baked beans

Have a hot meal at home

If you don't need to eat on the go but want a meal ready at home, take a look at other posts with some great recipe ideas!

If you are always on the go but want to some help on the side, let the hot logic take the stress away and keep your meals hot and ready for your family. Take one of these to your next tournament and see how jealous that other parents are to keep your food hot, warm and ready all day.