Labor Day is almost here, let your Hot Logic do the work!

Labor Day means different things to all us across the country. In Michigan, it often tends to be our last weekend of summer and transitions us into the Fall Season.

The Holiday for the US signifies the yearly national tribute to hard working Americans across the country for their yearly contributions to the strength, prosperity, and overall well being of our country.

For us Foodies, lets be honest, we love to grill, cookout, hang out with friends and family and overall, NOT LABOR. So if we are supposed to enjoy and relax, why spend time laboring to cook food? I feel like a broken record writing about how easy the Hot Logic works to the point I am about ready to break up with my Crock Pots and get rid of them...

I know, I know... HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT! Well, my Crock Pots are losing the battle with my Hot Logic. I no longer have to lug those around, I am not cleaning up burnt or crispy sides... Soaking them in my sink... The list goes on! Oh and my food NEVER overcooks...

Sorry, back to the real point of the story. Labor Day cook outs are the best! Grilled burgers, hot dogs, RIBS! (Check out our Hot Logic Ribs!) The list goes on.

Here at Hot Logic we wanted to take you beyond the realm of lunches on the go and broaden your Hot Logic horizons.

We all know a good cook out involves tons of sides and if you are on the go we most often bring something cold because it holds longer... Not with Hot Logic!

Do you have to drive? Is your travel a little longer? We all know how easy it is to throw together a pasta or potato salad. Me, I like my hot sides!

Here are some recommendations!

  • Macaroni and cheese - pre-made or frozen.
  • Cheesy Potatoes
  • Baked Beans

Do you have our Hot Logic 9x13? You can throw TWO, yes TWO of the 6 cup Pyrex into the 9x13 and bring TWO hot sides! You will be everyone's picnic hero!

So, while all of you hard workers enjoy your Labor Day, labor a little less by prepping food and let the Hot Logic do the work for you!

Play some corn hole (bags), hit some golf balls, throw some discs, go swimming, and enjoy your time with friends and families. No checking on your food, no stirring for even heating. Plug it in, set it, and forget it!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


Do you have any go to hot recipes? What is a must at your picnic or cookout?