Make Hot Logic your weekend best friend

It is easy to boast how much the Hot Logic makes lunch easy and it does not only need to help us during the week. Our time off of work is precious and we most often want to spend it doing fun things vs spending time in the kitchen.

This past weekend was Easter meaning time spent with friends and family. Rather than driving an hour plus to visit family we decided to stay home and spend time together. For us it meant passing on the usual Easter ham dinner and spread. (A trade off to not traveling)

With a slight glance at decent Spring weather and wanting to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, cooking a ham dinner for two people was not a top priority. Instead, I decided to take some crab stuffed salmon from the store and a package of rice on the side for a light yet tasty dinner. Since I was only preparing for the two of us, I boiled the water for the rice, let it simmer for the 7 required minutes then put it in a 3 cup Pyrex. I set the Salmon in a 6 cup Pyrex and the 3 cup Pyrex of the rice in the 9x13 Hot Logic, plugged it in, set it, and forgot it till we were ready to eat.

Salmon and rice

Hot Logic is my go to tool for cooking fish. It contains the smell of the fish while cooking, it never over cooks it, and it has the perfect moisture and texture. This salmon is on my shopping list every week as always makes a quick and simple meal.

What did your family have for Easter? Did you use your Hot Logic for preparing the meal or leftovers?

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