Meals from Shelf Stable Items

Hot Logic is great for many users as they can pick up food from any local store, throw it in a container and make a meal from it. This is most often the case for many over the road drivers or travelers who want to enjoy a quick and simple meal. 

Many of our users on the Hot Logic Recipe Facebook page share many of their meals from purchasing shelf stable food. Check out some of these quick and easy meals.

Tortellini, Sauce and Cheese

Shelf stable 1

Chicken, baked beans and veggies

Shelf stable 2

Sausage, pasta and noodles

Shelf stable 3

Other users will buy a frozen fish or meat and mix it in with another sauce, vegetables or beans. This is a game changer when traveling and there are ways to have some great comfort food or use other healthy options.

Do you have a go to mix you love to make?! Share in the comments!