Memorial Day and Hot Logic

It's hard to believe that Memorial Day is almost here. First off, thoughts and prayers to all of those families who have lost someone in the service. Their sacrifices give us the freedom we have today and the reason why we celebrate Memorial Day.

Hot Logic is a simple and easy tool and it is a great way to keep your food warm off the grill or serve some nice and hot sides. Since our archive is very deep in blog posts, feel free to look back at all the others for recipe ideas.

If you are traveling to a cook out or hosting, here are some tips and tricks to using your Hot Logic.

  1. Keep burgers and hot dogs warm off the grill! If you are out boating or camping, food can stay warm after cooking or heat your food while you enjoy the day.
  2. Make some cheesy potatoes or mac and cheese and keep it warm in the Hot Logic!
  3. Sides that are great for the Hot Logic: baked beans, meatballs, bbq smokey links.
  4.  Make queso dip, buffalo chicken, or spinach and artichoke dip. No need to have cold food all day
  5. Let the Hot Logic do the work for you! One whole meal can be warmed or cooked throughout the day.

Enjoy your Memorial Day and we hope you have great weather!