New Year, New You!

As the New Year approaches, everyone starts to re-evaluate how they eat, create a diet plan, and set their resolutions. With the Hot Logic, eating healthy becomes much easier!

Here are some ways the Hot Logic can help you be successful.

Meal Prepping:

  • Fitpacker DUO 7 pack: These fitpackers are great as they have two sections to separate food, along with freezing. 
  • A quick and easy trick, since the Hot Logic can cook raw meat, take fresh RAW chicken, season it, throw it in with some vegetables and you are good to go!

Save money, re-heat leftovers!

  • I have heard many times from others, I don't care for leftovers. I dare you to try leftovers in the Hot Logic.  Often times, when food has settled overnight, their flavors have more time to mix which makes even better food the next day. This most often happens with pasta.
  • Is part of your New Years resolution saving money? Well, using the Hot Logic will save you a ton of money! Think of it this way, the mini only costs $40.00. If you eat out even 4 times a week, you already pay off your Hot Logic. 
  • Buy $40.00 worth of groceries and see how far that gets you!

Travel with your Hot Logic:

  • The Hot Logic is great for saving your diet and your wallet when you travel. Imagine eliminating the need for room service or eating out.
  • When flying, you can freeze sealed water bottles, keep them in a cooler to keep your food cold, then plug your Hot Logic in on the plane to have a nice, warm meal! No more flight food!
  • Are you in a hotel for a long stay? Does your room have a mini fridge or refrigerator? Find a local grocery store, take your empty Fitpackers and make your own food in your room to heat your food. Buy some frozen meals. The options are endless.
The Hot Logic is very versatile and can help you improve YOU over the next year. Give it a shot! Or give it as a gift for a friend or family member. This is a must-have for your New Year!