New you, new eating?

The New Year often accompanies the idea of starting a "diet". The word "diet" can carry a negative connotation as it means you are trying to lose weight or cutting what you eat vs making personal changes to how you eat. 

There are many types of "diets" our there but I would prefer to talk more about eating habits and lifestyle changes vs talking about a diet. As someone who has experienced changing the way that they eat to fix their health, often times you make diet changes to fit your current needs.

Hot Logic = Diet Guru

It is easy to make a list of why the Hot Logic product line is beneficial for pretty much anything, anyone, anywhere can find a use for any eating needs as it's versatility is endless.

Tips and Tricks

Raw and Frozen Meat

Cooking raw meat is one of the easiest ways to make a quick and healthy meal in the Hot Logic. Add any seasoning, dressing, or marinades to the meat, set it in for about 4 hours and open your Hot Logic up to a flavor packed meal. If you like to add a grain or a starch, pre-cooked rice or potatoes soak up the extra juice from the meat getting a great flavor. You can even add broccoli, Brussel sprouts or frozen stir fry veggies. 

Meal Prep made simple

Part of sticking to a new eating plan is most often successful when you meal plan. Portion control, pre-made and ready to go is easy and simple. The best part?!?! You do not have to spend hours in the kitchen meal prepping before hand. Since the Hot Logic can cook from frozen and raw (except rice, potatoes, carrots, and other starch products), meal prepping is as simple as adding ingredients, seasonings or sauces then freeze them in their container only to grab and go later.

Traveling? Drive or fly with the Hot Logic!

On a recent trip, the topic of water and flying came up. Most frequent flyers know that you cannot take water through security but did you know that you can take frozen sealed bottles?!? This is a simple trick to bring food that you can take for long flights. Pack a soft cooler with the frozen bottles and food, when you are in flight, plug your Hot Logic in and let it cook your food only to eat a nice and hot meal, not that over priced airplane food! You will be the envy of other travelers!

Keep it simple!

If you have not joined our Hotlogic Recipe group on Facebook, I highly recommend you do! The group continues to grow with users who love to push the limits of the Hot Logic and what it can do along with great recipes that are simple to more complicated.


We wish you all the best in your New Year endeavors and hope that the Hot Logic helps you on the road to success!

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