Outside the dish: using the plate for different outcomes

Some of our users love their Hot Logic so much that they continue to push the limits of what the Hot Logic can do. Although I love sharing my own experiences, it is even better to show what others have done to create fun meals.

Heating bread:

User Monica made her own version of a "Hot poor boy", check out her sandwich.

"I tried to make what we used to call in elementary school "Hot Poor Boy". Basically cold meat, cheese, pickles, mustard and ketchup on a bun heated together. I used a part of a Panera French Baguette, deli boiled ham, swiss cheese, bread and butter pickles, ketchup and mustard. Wrapped in foil. Placed on heat plate cooked about 45 minutes and each side (while cleaning). Cheese was melted, ham warm and bread was a little crispy. Only thing I would change is use meat that is not so watery. The meat seeped water and made the bread a little soggy. This would be a good way to have a toasty sub."


Another user, Lisa, used a paper plate to warm her sandwich.

Fried bologna, fried eggs Chipotle jack cheese on a whole wheat bun!
Heated up for 89.7 miles. Removed from foil put on a bun on a paper plate put that back in the hot logic zipped it up went and paid for my gas and filled up it's perfect! 1027 miles to home. I'll stop the next time I get gas and put something in for dinner. This is breakfast/lunch.

Sandwich 2

Not all are winners...

Now I would be a liar if I said that every recipe worked. One of our loyal users, Richard, often tests the limits of his Hot Logic. Here is a small experiment he did with his on the plate and pizza.