Pasta Hacks and Recipes

Did you ever hear the saying that pasta is always better the second day? What if I told you that leftovers or frozen pasta heats up to a perfect temp? No hard or crusty noodles and sauce that was so good you wanted to lick it off the plate tasted even better the next day?!? Well, it's true.

Although cooking pasta from raw does not work well in the Hot Logic, using pre-cooked noodles or left overs tastes AMAZING in the Hot Logic. The best part about it is you can make it as simple or complicated as you want. (No Italian chef necessary!)


Just thinking about all the prep in Lasagna can give you a headache but it doesn't have to. Check our our loyal Youtuber and Hot Logic guru Rick Mammana. His "Making lasagna in the big Hot Logic" (9x13) is not only entertaining but results in a great lasagna with very little work. Better yet, one whole 9x13 recipe is great to portion out, freeze, and save for later.

Rick Mammana

Baked Pasta

Makes for 9x13:

  • Baked Pasta requires just a little bit of prep. Cook Italian sausage until completely browned and drain the grease.
  • Boil pasta.  Can use spaghetti, rotini, or macaroni, whatever pasta you prefer.
  • Once the noodles and sausage are completed, mix in mozzarella, ricotta, and Italian seasonings.
  • Top the whole dish with a light layer of Mozzarella cheese and set in the 9x13 for about 2 hours.

The dish will heat well and holds even better for leftovers.

Pasta and Sauce

Take any noodle (cooked from raw or pre-cooked) and pour any sauce of your choice over them. This is a simple and easy way to get a great meal that can easily travel. Bring a bag of pre-cooked noodles and a jar of sauce. This is a simple way to have a warm and hearty meal on the road.

Even though noodles do not cook from raw in the Hot Logic, they are still easy to use by pre-boiling and adding what you want or taking a bag of ready made pasta. 


Have you tried any pasta recipes in the Hot Logic? Comment below to share your favorites!



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