Quick Tips to add flavor to your Hot Logic dishes

Do you love cooking in your Hot Logic but running out of ideas or making the same thing over and over? Here are some quick and easy ways to add flavor to your meals.


If you are cooking meats, adding a dry rub can add a ton of flavor really quick. If you are a traveler that buys your food on the go, it is simple to buy some meat or vegetables and add a quick seasoning.


BBQ, marinara, Alfredo, or any dressing adds flavor and a little more moister to your dish. Pre-cooked pasta or noodles heat really well in the Hot Logic making for a quick and easy meal.

Try picking up these simple ingredients: Raw Shrimp (much better so it doesn't become rubbery when cooked), precooked pasta, Alfredo. Add them all into a dish and heat for a filling lunch.


Adding some cheese and letting it melt is never a bad thing on any meal. Unless dietary needs don't allow dairy. For a little more spice, try using pepper jack.

Salsa or Taco Sauce

Frozen breakfast burritos or eggs heat up very well in the Hot Logic, it's actually one of my husbands favorites. Frozen burritos are great with sour cream and taco sauce mixed together or simply add salsa.


What do you do to add quick flavor to your dishes? We would love to hear from you!



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