Semi Braised short ribs

Finding more natural or organic foods are not only a trend but a change in lifestyle. It is not always convenient to find or can seem to cost more. As a cook and a heavy budgeter when it comes to groceries, I recently started to purchase my meat from a local butcher vs a bigger grocery store, even Trader Joes. 

First, the meat has so much more flavor but its time limit on staying fresh is much less (think less preservatives)! Last week I found these beautiful short ribs and I know that they get very tender the longer they cook so I figured it would be a Hot Logic win, I was neither wrong nor disappointed!

I don't know if it is the return of the Holiday and Halloween cooking shows or just the coming cheer of the Holiday but I have been having a lot of fun testing out holiday dishes. Prepping for the upcoming holidays and food shopping, having some easy go to dishes without prep is always nice.

Now to the ribs, I am calling these "Semi" braised ribs as braising is a two step process with a light fry and then stewing slowly in a closed container. Remove the fry and you have Hot Logic magic! Slow stew in a closed container.

These were so simple but turned out tender!

Short ribs

Planning for these for dinner and my plans changing, I first seasoned (salt, pepper, garlic & onion powder) and added some left over white wine I had used for other recipes. I love using some type of alcohol in my slow cooker as it tenderizes the meat while cooking but also adds a great layer of extra flavor.

These cooked all day and since my plans changed, I let them cool and set them in the fridge.

The next morning, I added some BBQ sauce over my short ribs and on the other side some frozen stir fry veggies. When I got to work I plugged it in. Sometimes I feel like a lunch snob when I sit and eat these amazing lunches but I tell people all the time that they need a Hot Logic, so if they don't want to listen, their loss!

What are you planning for the holidays? Share in the comments.