Skeptic on the Hot Logic? Ready to Ditch the Microwave?

Let's be honest here, the worst part about lunch time is walking to the break room, waiting for someone to heat up their food or just plain wasting your precious lunch minutes.

Everyone knows that there are rules and limits to microwaving food at work...

1) ABSOLUTELY NO HEATING UP FISH! We all know that one person who heats up their fish at work and stinks up the office! 

2) Use a lid.. HA! Wouldn't that be nice. We all know that one person who ignores this rule and heats up their left over pasta or explodes their cheesy dish. Worse off, they clean up their mess either..

The list goes on and on. Being a kitchen neat freak, this microwave is just disgusting!


This microwave that was shared with us is so dirty! If you look closely (at your own risk!) the tracks where the wheels are have rust and the words are in FRENCH!!

Let's stop talking about the microwave and give the true star its glory, the Hot Logic Mini!

Since using the Hot Logic Mini, the good ol microwave is a thing of the past, along many other time sucking activities. (Can we say food prep!?!?)

Are you looking to change your health? Are you lacking in cooking skills? With the Hot Logic Mini you don't need any cooking skills. Just put food in any foil, plastic, or glass container, season, plug the mini in and let it do the work for you! You can even use freezer meals!!

Sheila shared with us, "I made frittatas (eggs, salt and pepper, fresh mushrooms and onions) and sausages. I plugged them in before I went to bed and then ate them for breakfast. They were delicious and not rubbery at all or over cooked. Thank you for this awesome product. I love that I don't need to use a microwave or even to make a delicious meal."

Frittata and Sausage


We love that Shelia not only used her Hot Logic for lunch but her breakfast too! Can you imagine that?!? Putting raw eggs to cook over night to wake up to a hot breakfast with perfectly cooked eggs!

It's funny because we always answer the question, "How does it not over cook the food?!?" Well, we could get all technical with you but in the long run... We don't need to!

IT JUST DOES! No worry, no burnt food. Plug it in and leave it.

Are you ready to break up with the microwave? Are you ready to change your lunch time?

The Hot Logic Mini will make you the envy of your office and the lunch pro! Do you work shifts that cover two eating time periods? We have you covered there!

Take two different dishes to work... Fresh or Frozen. Put your first meal in, eat it. Then when you are ready cook your second!

There are endless ways that the Hot Logic Mini will change your eating experiences! 

Did you ditch the microwave? What is the microwave set up you avoid with your Hot Logic?

We would love to hear from our Hot Logic Friends!