So simple the fails are funny

We are often on here saying how simple and easy it is to use the Hot Logic that the fails for it are even more simple. As your Hot Logic lover and writer, I myself have fallen for these simple fails and at that point, all you can do is laugh.

There really are only two simple ways to have a Hot Logic fail.

1) Forgetting your food

You have done the meal prep (or not), ready to eat your meal AND... you forgot your food. There is nothing more disappointing than forgetting to bring the food you planned to eat in the Hot Logic. As we all know, food comes out perfectly cooked with a perfect steam. 

Look at the post that James shared:

"Bet ya thought I was going to give you some great sandwich recipe for the HLM... A BIG nope, just wanted to give you a pic of a scrumptious peanut butter on rye as a reminder to NEVER forget to put dinner on when you take your last break. "

Fails picture 1

James post is very fun and sad at the same time. Nothing is worse than knowing that hot meal you could be eating and reaching for peanut butter and bread instead.

2) Forget to plug in your Hot Logic

As your loyal writer, even I have made this mistake. It's almost laughable because you know it is such a simple mistake to make and all it does is postpone eating.

This past weekend I made some stuffed burgers. These are some of my favorites as I like to put mushrooms, onions and cheddar stuffed in the middle then top it with some mayonnaise, BBQ Sauce, lettuce and tomatoes.

Stuffed burgers

After adding the center stuffing, I put the top on to complete the burger. The end of this story after prepping the awesome burgers (and forgetting to take my own after pictures when it was done), I received the following message from my husband, "I forgot to plug my Hot Logic in!!! All I want to do is eat!" 

Now I felt bad for him because he has to wait an hour and a half to eat but in the end it worked out for him.

Easy to use, easy mistakes

Have you had any Hot Logic blunders? A recipe that didn't work out so well or a funny story to share, leave on in the comments! Until then, keep having fun!

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