Spring is coming, Don't Break up with Your Hot Logic

Not everyone who has a Hot Logic experiences the seasons like Michigan and we are all more than ready to break up with snow and the winter. It was just a topic of conversation the other day how ready we were for grilling season. Not that grilling replaces the Hot Logic, but it sure adds a different flavor that cooking from raw or frozen all winter does not.

Once the snow finally backs off, the grills come out and summer cookouts are back on. I can smell the food now! So how can you love both your grill and your Hot Logic?!? Well, it's simple. The grill is great for food prep that will give food that wonderful grilled flavor only to have the Hot Logic reheat it!

BBQ Chicken:

Take any chicken breast, wings, or legs, slow grill them in your favorite BBQ sauce and save the extra. The next day reheat them in the Hot Logic with some sweetcorn or baked beans and you have a great summer lunch or dinner.


There is nothing better than grilled vegetables in the summer and I for one almost never ate them microwaved the next day, they just never tasted the same. Now with the Hot Logic, I love to take any fresh cut vegetables, toss them in some olive oil and garlic seasoning, grill them and save some for left overs. The next day throw in any raw meat or left over protein.

What has worked for me:

  • Green, yellow or red peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Thick cut onions (red or sweet)
  • Potatos
  • Zuccini

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is one of my favorites on the grill but it most often doesn't taste the best the day after in the microwave. One of my favorite tricks in the Hot Logic is to wrap the left over corn in foil with some butter, salt and pepper. The foil wrapped corn can be in a dish (helps keep the butter in) or on the plate (works too but make sure butter will not leak out).

What are your grilling favorites? Anything you have tried as a left over in the Hot Logic? 

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