Testing Steak in the Hot Logic

I love to bring a protein for my lunch and add it to a salad or a side of vegetables. Most times I try to plan ahead but I don't always make that happen. In an effort to have a quick and healthy lunch, I took some raw steak I had out of the refrigerator, cut it up, seasoned it, and brought it to work.

Raw steak 1

Knowing that the Hot Logic would cook the steak to a well done, I tried my hand out timing it out to a medium. 

I put my lunch in for about an hour and got to the color below. I would usually add maybe 30 more minutes but I was called away from my desk so I chose to unplug my Hot Logic and leave the meat on the plate.

Steak 2

I got back an hour later, the Hot Logic and Pyrex was still warm but the meat was cooked a little longer than I would have preferred. Although I felt it was overcooked, it was still very good with a side salad that I made.

Steak 3

Overall, if you want to cook steak, it does work. I cut up my steak and would recommend for a decent medium cook about an hour and a half. You can even let it marinate for a while.

Have you tested steak in your Hot Logic? Share below in the comments what has worked well for you.