Thanksgiving Hot Logic Side dish hacks

Thanksgiving Side Hacks

The holidays are always an exciting time of the year. The seasons change, a break from work, time with family, oh and the hassle of going to the store; standing in long lines and repeatedly walking in circles around the store as you collect ingredients that you forgot on your list or missed while playing frogger against the other shoppers.

Does this sound familiar? If it doesn't then more props to you for handling the Holidays like a boss! Do you wish you sometimes had the easy button on your dish to pass? Well, I give you Hot Logic's Thanksgiving hacks and three simple and easy side dishes that are quick to assemble, still have a ton of flavor but most importantly, save you time!

Check out these easy and simple sides to save you time. Even better! Plug them into your car while you travel only to show up with a hot side dish!


Stove Top Stuffing is a popular side that packs great flavor in a bind. Using Stove Top was easy as it only required cutting the onion and celery then sauteeing them in some butter. Warm the chicken stock and butter then pour over the stuffing, celery, and onion. Stir well so that all the breading has mixed with the liquid.

Green Bean Casserole

Nothing like a two-step process! Mix a can of Cream of Mushroom soup and some frozen green beans. Plug-in, set it, and forget it. Pull out when ready for dinner and save yourself some space in the oven.

Sweet Corn

Take a bag of frozen corn. (No liquid or water necessary!) Add some butter, salt, and pepper, put it in the Hot Logic and you are all set. No need to boil water or take up space on the stove top. 


All three of these dishes took less than 30 minutes to prepare, sat in the Hot Logic all day while I was out running my own errands only to return to our own mini Thanksgiving meal. As a cook, most often you want to serve all made from scratch food, but in a bind, these three simple dishes turned out great and were wonderful as a meal. No need to soak in a ton of gravy either (although everything is better with gravy!).

If you are not cooking for a large group or want to make a quick and simple side dish, we were quite happy with our small meal.

From all of us at Hot Logic, have a GREAT Thanksgiving with friends and family. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!



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