Thinking outside the 9x13

It is easy to always talk about the Hot Logic Mini as its uses are endless but Hot Logic also has another star, the 9x13! 

The 9x13 casserole size works great for work gatherings or just plain feeding a family. In true Hot Logic user traditions, others have found ways to use the Hot Logic 9x13 without using a 9x13 casserole dish.

Whole Dinner Reheat

User Rebecca didn't create one whole meal in her Hot Logic, she reheated her whole Sunday lunch! (Plus a mini!)

Sunday lunch


3 Separate Containers

Another user William, used his 9x13 to reheat his meal in 3 different containers. From William, "Refrigerated carryout of smoked, rubbed, baby back ribs, sweet potato casserole, and baked mac and cheese."


To make the perfect fit, William used one 6 cup Pyrex dish and (2) 2 cup Pyrex dishes. If you don't enjoy your food touching or cooking in one container, this is the perfect solution!

Thinking outside the pan

The 9x13 pan is a a great family cooking tool or another way to prep big meals at one time. No matter how you use it, you do not always need to use the 9x13 size dish.

Like William, you can use one 6 cup Pyrex dish and (2) 2 cup dishes. Another way to break up serving sizes is (2) 6 cup dishes. Heat up a a main dish and a side dish at one time. 

Have you found other uses for your Hot Logics? Share your tips and tricks in the comments!