Tips and Tricks for Raw Meat

You have taken your first step by getting your Hot Logic and you are so excited thinking YES! What should I cook first? Then that overwhelming feeling of how do I use this comes over you. I am telling you, do not get too overwhelmed. The best advice I can give you is do not overcomplicate the Hot Logic, it's so easy to use! My recommendation is to start super basic and as you get more comfortable with using it, start to experiment, or just read all of our blog posts!

I would recommend these posts first:

  1. Hot Logic and taters
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  3. Chicken "How To" in the Hot Logic

These are some great building blocks to using the Hot Logic. 


Can I cook Raw Meat?

Yes! I encourage you to try! Cooking meat from raw or frozen can lead to some of your best meals and even better, save you a TON of time. This works for all varieties of meat but I would not recommend a steak unless you want it well done.

Now I am not saying you can't cook a steak from raw but not for 2+ hours. This was a steak cooked from raw but only sat in the Hot Logic for an hour that came out to a perfect medium.


How long should I cook frozen or raw meat?

With the exception of the steak unless it is for fajitas or other thins slices, most raw meat should cook for 2 hours and frozen for just about 4. 

Will the meat come out dry?

If you are cooking raw meat without any vegetables or other items, it is best to add a marinade or a little bit of broth to keep the meat from drying out. If frozen, no liquids or sauces are necessary as they meat thaws and cooks, it provides enough to keep the meat from drying out.

What recipes can I use?

Believe it or not, ribs turn our GREAT in the Hot Logic. Check out our post for a good rib recipe.

Hot Logic Ribs

Bring on the meat!

Making raw meat in the Hot Logic is a game changer as it saves time and makes some of the best meals you will ever try.

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