Tips and Tricks: What works in the Hot Logic

Congrats on taking the first step to your new obsession with the HotLogic oven! The idea and concept that something so simple can do so many things, can sometimes be confusing. I want to tell you, it is pretty hard to mess-up cooking anything in the HotLogic, but it can happen.

First thing, did you read the small manual that came with your HotLogic oven? If not, here are some quick tips.

    1. Yes! You can cook from raw - meat is tender, chicken is perfect, never rubbery like the microwave or dry. Just try it! You won't regret it.

    1. Yes! You can reheat or use pre-cooked meals you have prepared. Sealed containers help retain or enhance the food's taste and texture.

    1. Yes! You can cook from frozen. Every dinner entree or side dish tastes better prepared by HotLogic instead of microwave or boiling.

    1. No! Raw rice, potatoes, pasta and carrots DO NOT cook well from raw in the HotLogic oven. These foods are starch and dense, and require high cooking temps above the HotLogic's constant 165 degrees Fahrenheit. No matter how long you cook these, they will not reach the correct temps. PLEASE NOTE: If you use the frozen or pre-cooked versions of any of these foods, they WILL turn out great!

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What can I use in the Hot Logic?

  1. Foil : Many users heat a sandwich or pizza up on the plate to get a slight crisp! TIP: Don't leave it on for hours, or the bread becomes too hard. Usually 30 minutes to one hour per side works well. Any foil containers heat well too, especially if you like to freeze your food.
  2. Paper : Are you on the go? Did you buy a frozen meal? You can heat your food up directly on a paper plate, or in a frozen meal box.
  3. Plastic : Most freezer meals come in a plastic container, and YES you can heat your food up in those containers. Zip lock bags? Yes! Those work too! TIP: Use a strong zip lock bag, as you would for the microwave. Tupperware? Works very well. Also, good to use Fitpackers to meal prep, freeze, and have portion-controlled, multiple meals ready to go!
  4. Glass. The HotLogic Deluxe Package usually comes with the 6 cup Pyrex container. Glass is my favorite to use, as the food that I like most cooks best in it, and it is so easy to clean.

    How do I clean the Hot Logic?

    What should I cook?

      It is easy to cook simple chicken and veggies to full on ribs in the Hot Logic! Check out some of our recipe posts:

      We hope that you learned some quick and easy tricks for using your HotLogic.

      Do you love your HotLogic? Have any TIPS to add to our list? Please share in the comments below!