Top 5 Reasons College Students Need a Hot Logic

College classes are in full swing and the Holidays are fast approaching.

We all have heard the stories of college and the freshman 15 where cafeterias serve endless amounts of food. At some point, the food can be repetitive heavy on being fried.

Now, what if I told you that you could have Mom's home cooking in your dorm room? What if you could avoid those pesky freshman 15 going to and from class and eating a FRESH COOKED hot meal in the comforts of your own room.

Here are 5 Reasons why you or your college student NEED a Hot Logic:

    1. Place your food in the Hot Logic, plug in and go! When you get back from class, you return to a perfectly cooked meal, not over cooked or burnt. (Never set off the fire alarms!!)

    2. Eat great food on a college budget! Student’s have reported saving anywhere from $30-50 per week. Portion, season, freeze! It is that simple. No need to wash a ton of dishes either! Who likes doing dishes anyways?!?

    3. Not a cook? Are you the constant Pinterest Fail? The Hot Logic is easy and fool proof! It's as simple as plug it in the wall, set it, and forget it! Want a chunky soup for lunch? Just put a can of soup in a flat bottom dish sealed and return to hot soup! Do you love frozen meals? Simple! You can throw the WHOLE BOX and meal in the Hot Logic and come back to evenly cooked and heated food. You may ask how this is possible?!? Well, we won't get too complicated but our low-slow conduction heating element won't melt plastic, burn cardboard or ever get hot enough to start a fire. Most important, food never dries out whether cooking with raw, fresh, frozen, or just heating up leftovers or prepared meals.

    4. Our easy compact design is conspicuous and comes in 6 different colors so you can still be the cool kid on campus with the best lunch box, but this time you don’t need Mom’s cooking. Commute to school? We have you covered there too! The Hot Logic can plug into your car with an adapter so you can drive, heat, and eat anywhere!

    5. Are you the go to party host or tailgating King or Queen? We have you covered there too!! Whether you have friends coming over or just chilling out, the hot plate easily removes where serving jars of queso, dips, or loaded plates with hot wings are pizza rolls stay warm. Did I say how it will never overcook? No cleaning up those crusty burnt sides or getting stuck with the crispy dried out pizza roles.

Going to college and finding a way for a hot meal out of the cafeteria and in the dorm is more than possible.  That's right, in the dorm room.  Because the Hot Logic never gets hot enough to start a fire, you should have no problems using this in your dorm room!

If you have any questions comment below! 

Make the Hot Logic one of your go to dorm items!


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