Top 5 Reasons Vegans Love the Hot Logic

Eating vegan can be a real challenge, especially away from home. Going out for a meal usually consists of salad at a fast food restaurant or maybe a vegetable soup at a sit-down place.

Shared from a Vegan Hot Logic user:

"If we bring a lunch, it's usually a PB&J sandwich and maybe some carrots sticks. Not terribly exciting. Leftovers aren't quite as bad, but the microwave totally ruins our food or stinks like the pepperoni pizza the person in front of you warmed up.With the Hot Logic, now we have options."

Most often it, it is difficult to explain what a Hot Logic is and how easy it is to use. Explained by another user, "The Hot Logic Mini works as a personal portable oven, kinda like an electric lunchbox, but it doesn't dry out or burn my food. Instead it cooks and steams my lunch. My veggies have a nice crunch to them and the flavor is locked right into them. I love it! I can sit right at my desk, pop it open and eat. I can take a few bites here or there or the whole thing all at once, it's always hot and ready. I don't have to listen to Arnold in shipping complain about bacon either."

So, here are Top 5 reasons shared from a Vegan user why they have a Hot Logic Mini.

  1. Leftovers are awesome, as good as when I made it or better! It saves me time and money.
  2. Veggies in the microwave are just awful, not to mention those things are so dirty. Have you looked at the stuff stuck to the walls in there?
  3. No others looking at my food or judging me for what I eat, making the same jokes over and over.
  4. Variety- I can eat anything I want. Take out from the Chinese place, leftovers from earlier this week or sometimes I pre-pack a few things, toss them in the freezer and just pop them in if I'm in a hurry.
  5. Freedom- it's small and lightweight. I can let my food heat up when I'm ready to eat, go outside with it while I enjoy the sunshine and the breeze at the park. I have a little inverter that plugs into the power port in my car so I can cook while I'm driving.
  6. Bonus: I'm adding a sixth reason, convenience. I can drop oatmeal and quinoa in at night before bed and plug it in.. by morning, breakfast is ready. I got a second one for making dinner at home while I work.

"I realize I’ve been gushing about this thing, but it really has made a huge difference in my day. Food can be so boring sometimes when you are limited and this really allows me to brighten up my food making my days seem so much better now. "

John is not the only user to share his love for Hot Logic. In a recent post, another user named Samantha who is a flight attendant, shared her experiences working as a flight attendant and eating a Vegan diet.

Many types of eating lifestyles and diet exist and Hot Logic only makes it easier to stick to it.

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