Trader Joe's Frozen Meals

There are many great options out there for frozen meals and Trader Joe's happens to have some of my favorites.

The freezer section in Trader Joe's has many great options and I am going to share a couple that work well and how you can add a couple small things to add more flavor.

Mexican Options

These are a favorite of my husband as the Hot Logic heats them up to perfection. Add some cheese, onions, jalapenos, whatever you like. Once it is heated, add some sour cream and taco sauce (mild sauce is my preference). They are very affordable, come with multiples per packet and one serving is more than enough.


   Enchiladas     Burritos     Enchiladas

Riced Cauliflower

This heats very well, you can add any type of protein you like, (shrimp or chicken work well). This is full of flavor and a great option for low carb or gluten free.

Cauliflower rice

Chicken Strips

These are a quick and easy option to add to any dish. I personally enjoy to heat them in the Hot Logic and add them to a salad. They don't require any extra flavoring or salt/pepper. They are great for over the road or a quick and simple addition to lunch or dinner.

Chicken strips


I was a little skeptical of this meal at first but it turned out great! These would make a great addition to veggies noodles or normal noodles. If traveling over the road, remember pre-cooked pasta needs to be used. I added a little bit of Parmesan on the top but this is a step up from any seafood/frozen foods I have had in quite awhile. 



Do you shop at Trader Joe's? Have you found anything that is a favorite of yours?